Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Southwest Harbor in Acadia National Park

Well, there was no fog but there was also no wind. We took Hoolie ashore and he managed to find some real Maine mud, the kind that mussels flourish in. Of course he thought it was great fun splashing around. Back at the boat, we hosed him down and then went over him with a towel. His coat sheds water very well, it’s part of the breed as a bird dog so the mud didn’t sink in but it got all over us and the dink. Oh well. Hoolie is intensely interesting in anything and everything. If I leave the cockpit, he’s right there to see where I’m going. If I open a cockpit locker, he’ll poke his head in to see what’s going on. Such and interested dog!

Leaving Seal Bay we had to motor and stopped at Billings Marine again for water, diesel, gas and ice. Diesel is down to $2.50/gal up here. Last year it was over $4/gal. Since there was no wind we decided to motor on to Southwest harbor. We picked up a mooring at Hinckley’s and dinked in for Hoolie relief. The place was empty compared to last year. I took a photo showing no boats at the docks which never happened last year. The docks are usually used for refurbishing older Hinckley boats and routine maintenance. Even the dink dock was reduced in size from two docks wide to one. The high fuel prices didn’t seem to affect Hinckley last year but the drop in the stock market must have had an effect upon their clientele!

The primary reason we came to Southwest Harbor was for Beal’s Lobster Pound. Ann and I just had the 1.5 lb lobsters but Richard ordered the 3.4 lb hard shell lobster. It was enormous! We can’t find lobsters of that size anywhere else. We plan on moving over to Northeast Harbor Wednesday where I can finally get an internet connection again. Wonder what’s happening in the world?