Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Rockland for Danny

With the forecast for high winds and waves due to tropical storm Danny, we headed back to Rockland. Along the way I took two photos of a windjammer. From the back, it looks like the boat has no sails at all but from the side you can see the traditional set of sails. The sails act to redirect the wind aft, creating thrust forward. You can see how the sails interact from the aft view.

Our guests for the past week, Don and Liz Bunch decided to leave early due to the storm. They live in North Carolina on the coast and have seen their share of hurricanes and aren't excited about seeing another one! We celebrated with a dinner out at Peter Ott's in Camden.

In Rockland we have a very protected dock, right behind the Coast Guard station and next to a bulkhead that talller than our boat to protect us from winds out of the north and east. Not much can get to us since we took the end position on the dock, we feel secure here.