Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carver Cove and More Fog

It was a warm and sunny day yesterday but not today! When I looked out over the cockpit I couldn’t see the Coast Guard station! However, it gradually warmed up, the high today was 65. The fog cleared out of the harbor at least so we set across the bay. Very soon we ran into fog. With the radar and chartplotter it was no problem navigating but you’d like to see the scenery along the way. As we enter Fox Island Thorofare, the fog cleared as it usually does close to large land masses and we were able to sail all the way through the thorofare.

Watching the radar, we saw many boats coming our way and we sounded the fog horn at least every two minutes. It sometimes strange to see boats on the radar, hear their fog horns but never see them as they pass by. We did have enough visibility to avoid lobster buoys at least. Rumor has it that Monday is supposed to be better but I’m not holding my breath. We averaged one good day followed by three days of fog so far this summer in Maine, ugh. Maybe having the Mehaffeys on board this week will change our luck, it did last year. One can hope. The photo is of the North Haven ferry in a brief moment of visibility before it disappeared into a fog bank.