Monday, August 3, 2009

Rockland to pick up the Mehaffeys

The fog in Carvers Cove lingered until 10:00 or so when we weighed anchor and headed for Rockland where the Mehaffeys would join us. The winds were light so we motored through the Thorofare but when we cleared the western end the fog lifted and he winds filled in. We had a great sail the rest of the way. We were even in shirtsleeves, a first this year. By the time the Mehaffeys arrived, it was positively hot and we opened everything up and took off all the side curtains in the cockpit, another first!

Dinner was at Peter Ott's, an excellent restaurant in Camden. The place was empty, only four or five tables had customers. However, the night was warm and we wandered around town. The first warm night of the season. We'll probably stay in Penobscot Bay, less fog than elsewhere.