Monday, August 24, 2009

Sail to Seal Bay

We had the morning serenade by the Coast Guard around 7:00 again; beeps, bells and whistles. Once awake, we had breakfast in the cockpit and awaited the lifting of the morning fog. Eventually the wind came up and we started out. The wind was predicted to be out of the northwest so it came out of the northeast instead just so we had to motor through the Fox Island Thorofare on our way to Seal Bay. However, we sailed across the Penobscot Bay and part of the way to Seal Bay after exiting the Thorofare so we can’t complain.

We were the first one to anchor in Seal Bay so we thought we were lucky to have it all to ourselves. Ha! Minutes later it started to fill up. Still, there’s lots of room if the captains pay attention to what they are doing. Unfortunately, a large trawler came in behind us and anchored too close (see photo). If we wander at night around our anchor due to the current after the wind calms, then we’re in trouble. I got in the dink and had a discussion with the captain but he didn’t seem to have all his marbles so it was to no avail. We never anchor too close to other boats but other boats seem to have no concern about anchoring too close to us (such are the worries of cruising – I guess there are worse things to be concerned about!)

Liz Bunch prepared a fine dinner of shrimp pasta and Ann prepared a peach dessert. With a rum punch beforehand and wine with the meal, what more could you want? The night is peaceful and we hope things don’t go bump in the night.