Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pickering Cove - Calm Before the Storm

Winds were predicted out of the north so Pickering Cove was a natural selection. Before we left Southwest Harbor I discovered that the sales office of Hinckley Yachts has WiFi! With that I downloaded all the latest news on tropical storm Danny. These storms are becoming far too common. While I was in the sales office, I snapped a photo of the interior of one of Hinckley's boats, the galley section, some galley - it looks better than most homes and probably costs more too!

We were able to sail some but had to motor through the straights. The lobster pots are thick in this area and generally tend to lay at right angles to your course (buoy and toggle with a line connecting the two several feet below the water!) Your course looks like a drunken sailor's trip home after a long night at the local bar. It's not wise to sail between a buoy and toggle due to the connecting line which could snag on your rudder, or worse, entangle your prop! So you have to avoid 50 ft sections of pathway (the length of the line between toggle and buoy) while looking ahead for a clear fairway, sometimes very rare to find! It gets rather intense after awhile. You can't really relax.

Reaching Pickering Cove we found peace and quiet and dropped anchor with plenty of swinging room, nobody close, nice.