Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rockland - Awaiting Hurricane Bill

There are two musts in cruising: food and laundry. You can always find fuel, water, ice and garbage disposal but finding a good grocery store and a nearby laundry is not always easy. So when we take on friends to cruise with us, the first thing we do before starting out is stocking up on groceries at a nearby supermarket and doing a laundry (they have a car!) This morning was no different, I fed the washers and dryers while the Bunches took Ann to Hannafords. We are now clean and well stocked for the next week. Getting the provisions to the boat did require negotiating the 12 foot tides in the area (see photo).
The day was warm and only partly cloudy. The winds never got above 15 kts and as I write this blog, the wind is only 2 kts and the marina is calm. However, NOAA is predicting 6 to 9 foot waves in Penobscot Bay so we'll stay in the marina another day before setting out Monday when it will subside to 2 to 4 feet. So far we haven't seen much of anything out of the hurricane. I checked the NOAA hurricane maps and there's nothing else forming in the Atlantic, hurricane Bill is it for the moment, good news for us.

With all the activity of laundry and grocery shopping we decided to go out to eat tonight. We had long been a fan of Peter Ott's in Camden but tonight we found a new delight, Prismglass Gallery and Café. The restaurant shares space with the Prism Glass Gallery which is an extraordinary exhibit of beautiful glass works. Surrounding you as you dine is fine art from the world of glass blowing. But this is nothing like you've ever seen before - they are breathtaking. On top of all that, the restaurant now rates in my personal top 10 of all time. All the menu selections were unique, nothing humdrum and when the meals came, they exceeded all expectations. Needless to say, I would recommend the restaurant! I've included a photo of the appetizer, note the serving plate of blown glass. The chef was trained in a noted cooking school in Italy and apprenticed in restaurants in Europe become returning to the states to start her own place. Tomorrow I think we will eat in, no other restaurant in the area could top that one.