Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mackerel Cove on Swan Island

It was a very calm night at Seal Bay and we were treated again to the “double” sunrise effect, a combination of calm waters and a touch of fog. Sun was coming into the cockpit, warming it up, so we had breakfast with views of Maine granite, pines, birds and an occasional seal.

We motored towards Billings Marine, our traditional stopover for diesel, water, ice and trash disposal. There were still swells coming in from hurricane Bill but they were greatly reduced, not more than several feet. We just rolled over them. After Billings we were able to sail the rest of the way to Mackerel Cove. One of the photos shows a self-contained island house typical of many islands in Maine. Occasionally and island is for sale, usually starting at $2M (out of the way place) and upwards, depending upon location. The islands houses usually have a dock, a boat, a flagpole, a generator and a few water toys, must be nice.

Once in Mackerel Cove, we just enjoyed the view of Mt Desert, always pretty from our vantage point in the cove. I grilled a steak on the back of the boat and we all stuffed ourselves helped along by a bottle of wine I had been saving. Then the fog started rolling in and we hurried to take Hoolie ashore. All we could see of the boat was the anchor light when performing Hoolie relief so we hurried back too. A nice day of sailing.