Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holbrook Harbor and Another All Day Sail!

The last week has turned out to be the warmest on the water in Maine that we’ve ever experienced. The water temperature is reading an impossible 78 degrees in Holbrook Harbor after a week of sunny weather with no clouds! Matthew would have loved the water although he would have called it “bathtub water!”

We puttered around the boat in the morning waiting for the wind to come up as predicted around noon. Meanwhile, I fell down the companionway stairs! I did a nice slide down on my back, it hurt like the dickens and I’m sure I’ll be super sore in the morning but the skin was not broken and I’m still standing. I was lucky I didn’t hurt myself worse.

Sure enough, the wind started building as predicted and off we went, I was able to handle the sails, carefully. We saw a boat in front of us so naturally we tried to catch it which we did easily, it was a much smaller boat so no kudos there. We sailed all the way to Holbrook in the full sun and warm breezes in tee shirts and shorts, a rare experience in Maine.
On Wednesday we’re off to sail with Dick and Barb Burns, friends of Ann from her years at the University of Maine. They live in Searsport and we’ll sail over there in the morning, it’ll be fun!