Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Southwest Harbor at Mt. Desert

When I hauled anchor this morning I found that the anchor had hooked an old lobster trap. The lobster traps in Maine, whether of the wooden or metal variety, are made to come apart after a period of time in the salt water, the theory being to avoid anything that could entrap sea life. The wooden ones naturally degrade and the metal ones have clips that hold the sides together that will rust away in saltwater. Well, I had found a wooden remnant.

After that excitement, we set sail and headed to Southwest Harbor. Unfortunately, the wind died after an hour or so and we motored the rest of the way. We diligently avoided lobster pots as usual and have so far not installed a prop guard. The photo is a typical prop guard installed on a Maine boat. I’m sure it works fine but it does impact performance. But then again, it spares the nerves when motoring through a dense lobster pot field.

We were off to lobster again at Beal’s Lobster Pound, we never get tired of that, at least so far! Beal’s has the best selection of lobster sizes we’ve seen on the coast and they also pre-crack the shells, a nice feature – especially when you order the hard shell lobsters. We dinked back to the boat in the dark (but with our dinghy running light!) with the wind picking up to 20 kts, a bouncy night!
BTW, it was our 42nd anniversary!