Monday, August 17, 2009

On to Pickering Island

We started swinging in all directions around 4:00 am but we never hit even though we came close several times. I think we’ll avoid that anchorage in the future, not restful enough – not to mention the high concentration of mosquitoes! However, it’s a pretty anchorage with a great area for Hoolie.

We made our usual stop at Billings Diesel (see photo) for fuel, water, garbage disposal and ice. They are very accommodating and they know us well by now. When we done, the light fog had lifted and we had some wind. We started chasing a boat that had started out ahead of us and we were catching up too but then the wind died completely and we motored the rest of the way to Pickering Island. There were only two other boats in the anchorage so we had our pick of where to drop the hook, or so we thought. Shortly thereafter, three boats came in and rafted (only 120 ft away, too chose!!). Then two more arrived; then three more, wow. Fortunately, they decided to reform their raft further in, away from us so I’ll sleep well tonight. Sure is warm up here, warmer than I’ve ever remembered in Maine. Hope it lasts awhile.