Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rockland - Camden and Waterman's Lobster

The first part of the day was sunny and we took advantage of the good weather to tour Camden and have lobster at Waterman's Lobster Pound. Since we didn't have any groceries to transport, the tides were such that we had a flat walk to and from the boat! The 12 foot tides are still amazing to us after all these years in Maine. Compare this photo to the one in yesterday's blog when we had to haul groceries and luggage to the boat!

I found an additional supply of used science fiction books from a store in Camden to replace the ones that Hoolie ate. When we leave Hoolie alone in the boat we now put him in a crate that we bought at a local pet supply store. At first he was hesitant but then Ann cut up a hotdog as a treat and he associates the crate with getting a treat and all goes well. As soon as I set up the crate, he runs in and waits for his hotdog treat! Someone once said that dogs live in only in the present. If he gets in the crate, he gets a treat. He doesn't seem to think beyond that point. At any rate, when we return, we have always found him relaxed, lying in the crate - not barking or showing any signs of distress.

We found a local lobster pound, Waterman's and drove south from Rockland to treat ourselves. It's right on the water and quite busy, good food. After returning to the boat, the heavens opened up and we were deluged. It is still raining, the hardest I've ever seen it rain in Maine. It's all supposed to clear out Monday when we start our trek eastward.