Friday, August 14, 2009

Opechee Island - No Wind but Warm

On/Off works wonders for getting the “moustache” off the bow of the boat but it is wicked stuff. I wear rubber gloves and try to avoid breathing when near the stuff. You can see the fumes come off when it’s poured into a bucket. I put a microfiber cloth over the boat brush, dip it in the bucket with On/Off and spread it over the stains. It works instantly, stains are gone. Great stuff.

After the morning chores of cleaning the boat and windows, we set out in the midst fog rolling in. We expected to be in fog the rest of the way but it lifted as soon as we cleared Northeast Harbor, much to our surprise. We hoped for wind but our hopes were not fulfilled, more motoring. However, the Opechee Island anchorage is remote and beautiful. We explored the nearby, uninhabited islands which is always a lot of fun at Opechee. Hoolie especially loves the exploring.

We grilled three steaks off the back of the boat; Ann made a salad and baked a blueberry pie. We had wine from the south of France to compliment the steaks as we watched the sunset. What a great evening!