Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rockland - Storm's Over

The wind peaked out at 33 kts for about 15 minutes last night before returning to a steady 25 kts. The rain continued heavy until around 10:00 pm when both the rain and the winds stopped. The rest of the night was peaceful and the morning dawned clear with sunshine, what a difference! We stayed in Rockland to let the seas subside and plan on leaving Monday morning for Maple Juice Cove. Hopefully the huge boat in front of us will leave first! His bow overhangs our boat!

It was warm enough for a walk into town in shirt sleeves and we spent the afternoon on the back of the boat. However, a south wind came up off the water and it turned cool but it's calm now. Rockland has several excellent bake stores and I loaded up for breakfast, traditional for us on a Sunday. Of course we had our serenade from the Coast Guard this morning of beeps, whistles and bells, never fails. I'd be lost without the wakeup calls. So far, so good, no hurricanes are active in the Caribbean.