Thursday, August 6, 2009

Island Tour and Back to Holbrook Harbort

It was one of those rare, beautiful days in Maine. The sky was all blue and the air was warm – and without fog! The rising sun was shining into the cockpit and it was warm. Ann offered to make blueberry pancakes which were an instant hit with the crew. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much wind so we decided to motor down to Pond Island just off Eggemoggin Reach. It’s open to the public so we dropped anchor and explored. It’s a lovely island, great for exploring and dipping in the water which has warmed to 70 with the full sun.

After exploration of Pond Island, we weighed anchor and headed for Barred Islands in the hope of seeing the osprey nest while having lunch. We anchored okay but the osprey was not around. So we had a lunch of French cheeses and bread while enjoying the magnificent views, just perfect.
We had planned to overnight at Pickering Island but the wind came up and offered us a chance to sail! With the wind in the 15 to 20 kt range, we headed north again and wound up back at Holbrook Harbor. It was just a great sail with the wind, waves, blue sky, Maine scenery- just perfect Maine! Later we took Hoolie ashore and you can see our typical arrangement with Hoolie at the end of his leash tied to the painter of the dinghy. That gave him enough room to romp around and still do his business and has worked out well on Maine islands. The day was topped off with a beautiful sunset, hopefully the starts of many for our last month in Maine.


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