Sunday, March 17, 2019

Little rollers come into the harbor with a northeast wind.
For the most part, I like Titusville. It has a dog park, it's convenient to car rental agencies, there's always Merritt Island to explore as well as the Kennedy Space Center. It's far enough south to enjoy mostly warm weather in the winter months, a good place to leave your boat for the holidays. For us, it's an interim stopover until we continue on in January to Key West.

This year was not such a year. I needed a pacemaker implanted which delayed our trip south for a couple of months and canceled our trip entirely to Key West.  The only downside to Titusville is that it's open to northeast winds. Winds from that direction will produce waves that roll right into the marina. They are not big waves in the restricted area of the harbor but they are enough to rock the boats a bit. Take a look at what happens with a northeast wind.

Other than that, it's a great place to spend the winter months if you can't get to Key West. The people are good and the dock hands are great. We enjoy it here.

Titusville Marina in a northeast wind.