Thursday, March 7, 2019

Titusville - Bill and Ruth visit with news of Key West

 Bill and Ruth have visited Key West during the winter for the past 14 years and this year was no different. We went out for lunch at Victorio's, a nice restaurant where we had the fish sandwich which was done right.

It's always nice to chat with friends and to also hear news of Key West
We wanted to catch up on what's happening in Key West and got a lot of news. One long-standing staple of Key West is Barry Cuda playing his piano that he wheels through the streets of Key West from venue to venue. Unfortunately, his house was destroyed from the recent hurricanes and there are rumors that we will not be returning in 2020. That's very sad if he doesn't return. We've always enjoyed his playing greatly.

The second bit of news is that Fiona is also not coming back. Her husband died of cancer and her future is up in the air. She's another long-time entertainer in Key West that will be missed. Things are changing. Bill did say that Key West instituted a pedestrian-only policy on Duval Street from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm for about six blocks. Restaurants and entertainers have set up shop in the newly opened space. That sounds interesting.

Tomorrow should be a warmer day!
Meanwhile, it has warmed up some and it ought to be back in the 80's in the next few days. My rigger is due on Friday to install the new VHF antenna and new Windex on top of the mast. That will make Fleetwing whole again and I can test new features of Aqua Map yet to be announced.