Thursday, March 21, 2019

Titusville - remote interactions and no room at the inn

No room at the inn
I have an nine-year-old grandson in Pennsylvania that has my phone number plugged in his phone so when something excites him, I'll get an imessage. Tonight, Rowan built a crane out of Lego and he wanted to show his grandpa his accomplishment. I don't think Lego will ever go out of style. My son played with them and now it's on to Rowan. Given the internet and the way we're all connected nowadays, we traded photos and videos back and forth (he wanted to show me it rotating). It's a great age.

We actually saw the sun today for an extended period of time - and it actually warmed up to the '70s. Well it's about time! I think that spring has been rebooted. The old version was not living up to snuff so a new one was ordered. Meanwhile, the inn is full. There can't be more than a handful of slips available, most are taken up by long-termers. If you don't have a reservation, you're not like to get in.

Not the sunsets on the ICW anchorages, but a sunset nevertheless
We had our weekly car rental today and provisioned at Walmart which is the only place around where you can get decent grapefruit. They always had the best prices but in Titusville, at least, they have the best produce too. Nothing hangs around for long in their produce departments. I'm getting some last minute calls to attend the 3/23 Going North presentation. It looks like over a dozen at the moment. Remember, pizza at 6:001