Friday, March 22, 2019

Titusville - Manatee and Osprey with a catch

Just enjoying the warm weather in the marina
There are usually about a dozen manatees in the marina but this year we've only seen a few. On the way to walk Hoolie, we saw one just taking it easy between two boats. He was relatively unmarked. Most manatees have multiple propeller marks across their backs but not so much this one. Since he's distinct from the earlier ones we saw, there must be at least three manatees in the marina.

His feathers were a little ruffled from getting wet in catching his dinner
Along with the manatees, there are lots of ospreys. On the way back to the boat, we saw one osprey catch his dinner and retire to the top of a lightpole for his evening meal of fish. His feathers were still ruffled from getting wet from capturing his dinner. He didn't seem to mind, he had his dinner.

Saturday is the big day of the Going North seminar I'm giving at 7:00 pm. Today I was preparing a post so people not in attendance could follow along as I show the slides. There's still work to do on that but it will be out before the presentation. Remember, pizza at 6:00.