Monday, March 25, 2019

Titusville - Gordon and Eta Visit

Note where Hoolie is, in the middle of the action!
One of the great pleasures of cruising the ICW is the people you meet along the way. Gordon used to own a Beneteau 423, the same model boat that I have - which led to my nickname, Bob423. We met through the website I started dedicated to 423 owners which now boasts over 1000 members worldwide.

Our second dock at Titusville
He arrived today and so we invited Gordon and Eta over for dinner. I think we made it through four bottles of wine but at an enjoyable pace with lots of discussion of "how the world ought to be run". It all seemed very logical at the time, who could possibly disagree...  We had a dinner of pork tenderloin with a wonderful sauce by Ann and Hoolie settled down under the table, a peaceful kingdom.

Time for a sunset
We moved today to the north side of the docks today which gave us a much better view of the sunset and now we can see what's happening in the dog park. We'll be here another two weeks before moving north.