Thursday, March 28, 2019

Titusville - Poseiden and boat aground

Still there!
The boat at the entrance to the marina was still hanging in there. The anchor chain was still tangled in the rocks and he was partially aground anyway. The boat could have wreaked havoc had it broken loose but somehow, it stayed aground. I took a photo from the other side of the channel into the marina and found several people milling around trying to figure out the best way to secure the boat.

Poseidon with the marina in the background
The spit of land on the other side of the channel has a park with a statue of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. I thought the statue had a rather creative fig leaf formed by the tail of a fish, kind of dates the status. The wind is still blowing but only 20 to 25 kts, nothing like the 43 kts of yesterday. We periodically listen and think the wind has stopped, almost, until we look at the wind gauge and see it's still 20 kts. It just seems a lot calmer than 43 kts which carries four times the force of the wind at 20 kts.

On Friday, it's supposed to be 10 to 15, a mere zephyr. We'll also pick up a car for the weekend and no doubt return to Black Point Drive for another look at the birds, always interesting.