Friday, March 1, 2019

Titusville - Trucks and cars

"Notice me, notice me!"
My grandson, Matthew, got his first job out of college and he's in the market for transportation. Being an architect student, he's looking for a truck. Apparently, that's what architects drive when they survey a site where they have designed a building. So I saw a truck today that I thought would definitely make a statement when driven to a construction site. I don't know if that statement would be a positive or negative but it would be noticed!

Green, or yellow-green or something else??
We took advantage of a $12.99/day offer from Hertz for a weekend car again but had no choice of the car. It was evidently a car that no one else wanted, a KIA Soul in a strange, green color. Ann, my artist wife, hides from view when I go to park it. It drives okay It is otherwise fine. It drives well and does the job expected of around town transportation, it just looks strange.

We're going beach exploring on Saturday and on the way, drop by the haulover bridge to see how the manatees are doing. With temperatures in the 80's, it's going to be a nice weekend.


Billie said...

Wouldn't matter what the truck looked like. Every job site I've been on is dirt and mud so by the end of the week you can't tell what color the vehicle was. You usually have lots of dirt and mud inside the vehicle too.
I'd vote for metallic pea green. Those cars have no soul. Muscle car lover here!