Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Titusville - sunset

The sunset starts out from across the fairway;
I am deep into the testing of the next version of Aqua Map. I think I get a new beta almost every day now. The goal is to stamp out all bugs before a general release. The new features are fantastic but I can't mention them yet until the final release is made, probably within the next week, we hope. No other app has such features as you will shortly see. 

Meanwhile, I'm still getting ready for the 3/23 "Going North" seminar. I announced today my offer of pizza at 6:00 pm in advance of the presentation at 7:00 for those that arrive early. I went through all my old photos taken along the ICW and compiled them into a photo log that will play between 6:00 and 7:00 while I'm setting up and we're all having our pizza. 

then it progressed as I walked back to Fleetwing
On Thursday we will get a car and provision for the next few weeks. All the local car rental agencies suspended their $12.99/day weekend rate during spring break so we're just renting a car for one day. Uber isn't worth it at $20 per one way trip and we don't feel like trying to catch the local bus. Besides, I owe my all-time-date a night out on the town.