Saturday, March 9, 2019

Titusville - Dinghy bottoms

Wow, I'm impressed! What a clean dinghy bottom!
I can now see that I have not properly taken care of the bottom of my dinghy. I just put black bottom paint on to ward off barnacles and other nasty stuff that's not desirable to have if you want your dinghy to go fast (or to save the world from excess carbon emissions). The obvious, best solution is just to never put it in the water to begin with. I think that is the solution sought after in the first photo but I'm not sure. Maybe he scrubs it after every dip in the water?

This guy is no slouch either but he does not compare to the first guy.
There was a second boat with a similar approach of inscribing the boat name on the bottom of their dinghy. It was not nearly as neat as the first one but still much better than I would ever do. My hat is off to such proper yachtsmen since I am not in that league. I wonder how the bottom would fair in three daily trips to a sandy beach on shore? The boat in the top photo has got to have a problem doing that and maintaining a proper yacht dinghy.

I will never be in that class. Our dinghy is too much of a workhorse. Besides, we just trail it behind the boat so it sits in the water a lot. Sounds like it time for another of our once-per-year discussions on davits. We always talk about getting them but somehow, we never hit the "Yes" button.