Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Titusville - Baseball Field

A once level outfield is now a BMX bike course
When I was a kid, we used to ride our bikes (totally unsupervised) to the high school baseball diamond, about a mile out of town. All we needed were just a few kids, a pitcher, a catcher, a batter, a first baseman, and a shortstop. If we had more kids, there would be a left fielder and perhaps even a center fielder. If the batter hit it to a field where no one was at, it was an automatic out. We'd start around 10:00 am, play all day, rotating around as each batter made an out. We had a terrific time.

Titusville had a wonderful baseball field. It was lighted for night games and each team had its own enclosed bench. There was a fence that served for a demarcation for home runs. When we returned to Titusville, I was dismayed to see the beautiful baseball field ripped up for a BMX bike path. Bulldozers had been used to dig into the level field to create artificial mounds of dirt. The wonderous baseball field was no more.

The team boxes were ahead to the left, nice fencing and lights1  And more mounds of dirt.
Now, I never used the field, of course, and apparently, no one else did either around Titusville. It's just very disturbing to a memory of something that I once treasured in my youth. Times change and what was precious in one age is no longer revered in the present. Still, it a little sad to see a facility so set upon. There's nothing I can do about it but think back to fonder times. Still, I can go sailing, for now.