Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Titusville - More wind, rain too

Looks like a few whitecaps out there in the mooring field
This is not supposed to be Florida weather, it's the Sunshine State. The wind came back to a steady 20 kts all day, it's down to 17 kts at the moment. There are boaters out on the moorings but they have no protection. They are secure, given the robust moorings, but they bounce around a lot.

There has to be an entrance - and here's the one for Titusville Marina, open to the northeast
Inside the marina, there's some movement but it's fine. There's an opening to the marina from the northeast and steady winds from that direction will roll mini waves into the harbor. However, the docks are fixed and overbuilt. They have the largest diameter pilings I've ever seen - they are very sturdy. If you tie your boat off well, then you are protected from everything except a hurricane.

On Thursday we get a rental car again since the weekend $12.99/day rate is still canceled due to spring break in March. The weekend rate starts up again in April. It's time for another trip to Walmart for fresh grapefruit, the ones from Publix were stale.


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