Saturday, March 2, 2019

Titusville - Black Point Drive again

The pink markers were very storng
We rented our last weekend car today. Hertz and the rest of the rental agencies run a weekend special at a reduced rate but they all suspend that deal for the spring break time frame of mid to late March. So this is our last weekend car for a while. We just could not resist touring Black Point Drive once more to see what birds remained from last weekend.

The reason for the name, "Spoonbill" is very obvious in this photo
The pink spoonbill was still there, I think it was the same one with his friends. They are beautiful to look at with their pink plumage. We just watched and enjoyed. With temperatures in the 80's, the drive was crowded with cars. Here’s a video of a spoonbill feeding.

There were other birds in evidence 
On the way out, we looked for alligators and this time saw one that looked to be over 15 feet, perhaps more. They aren't too active, they just like to lay in the sun soaking up the rays. I'm sure Hoolie would like to play with him but he wouldn't last long I fear.

Not moving, just soaking up the rays
We had been looking to replenish our supply of raw, local honey and of all places, the local hardware store had a selection. They have a section of the store devoted to local products, one of which being honey. You had your choice of which blossom the honey was made from so we chose orange blossoms. We sampled it tonight, very good!