Friday, March 15, 2019

Titusville - Sand Point Park

We like to stroll through the park
There's a nearby Sand Point Park that Ann and I use every morning for our walks and runs. It was a pond with a big sign saying, "No Swimming, Alligators". One time when I was walking through, I saw one such alligator just sitting on the bank, taking in the sun. It was the only time I've ever seen one there.

Birds, there are always birds
It was much more pleasant there today with the warm winds and birds about. We are still here tonight waiting for the launch from Kennedy but it's been delayed now for over an hour and as I write this, it's still on hold with 4 minutes to go. The delay has something to do with the communication satellites required in order to relay telemetry back to Kennedy, not the fault of the launch vehicle. Nevertheless, it's a delay.

I continue to put the finishing touches on my 3/23 presentation on "Going North". I think it's over 12 attendees now, you can never tell for sure until the day of the event. At least we won't go hungry with the pizzas I've ordered.n


Ron and Faye on Perelandra said...

HI Bob

Have purchased you ICW Cruising Guide and have found it very well done, insightful and a great resource. I have also been noting your upcoming lecture on the ICW trouble spots. We are on the west coast and will not be in Titusville until after the 23rd. Was wondering if you will make the slide show available to those of us unable to attend. Also recall you were going to try to stream it would be nice. Would also suggest you video it and post on YouTube.

Thanks for our great information. Glad you are feeling much better as well.

Bob423 said...

Ron & Faye, I’m pleased you find the guide useful. I’m still experimenting with how to do the presentation as far as a wider audience. It will at least be live streamed on Facebook. We'll see how it goes.

Ron and Faye on Perelandra said...

Thanks Bob

We are likely the only ones in the world not on Facebook so we will be watching to see if a more permanent means is made available.