Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Titusville - Leak detection

Many trips, the young were being fed!
Our Beneteau 423 has teak rails. It's too long for the teak to be all one piece so they are butted together in four pieces with a caulking compound joining the sections. After some time, the caulking compound shrinks and allows water to seep into the joint. This is not good. The water runs along underneath the teak until is finds a weak spot at one of the screws holding the teak to the boat. Then you get a drip, drip from the tip of that weak screw.

So today was spent finding the weak screw, which we did. All the joints need to be redone but there's nothing at hand for the job nearby. For the moment, I used some rubber flex tape just as a temporary fix until I can find a good shop for the correct repair. The flex tape (that's the name brand) appears to be very sticky and ought to stem the tide, for a while at least.

/We have a nice view, every night now
That chore took up most of the day and now we're buttoned down for the high winds and rain expected on Wednesday. And, we've settled into our new slip and we're liking it better and better. It has a great view of the setting sun. We never tire of sunsets, especially when it's warm.