Friday, October 26, 2018

Windmill Harbour Marina - We say goodbyes

It's just a beautiful club
The forecast said, rain, rain, rain with some high winds thrown in. Although there was a little rain, it was only for a few minutes. We should have moved on. The storm passed to the west of us and we had sunshine most of the day. At least on Saturday, we will move again south. On our present progress, we will reach Titusville by November 2.

Jim shows off his Beneteau Swift Trawler
Jim and Cheryl hosted us tonight for dinner and they have a Beneteau Swift Trawler. It's one of the models we once considered for long term cruising. They can travel at around 20 kts which is far beyond our capabilities. They took us on a tour of their boat and then we were off to dinner in the South Carolina YC. It was a wonderful evening among new friends. We had intended just eating on the boat but it was much more fun at the club.

The inside has a 360 view, not common among trawlers
I took on water and we're ready to push off at 8:00 Saturday morning. We have Hell Gate to pass through before finding a dock at Kilkenny for the night. The front has passed by so it ought to be good weather for tomorrow. At least that's the forecast if you can believe it.