Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rhode River - a two sunset night

Sunset Number One
After being beaten up on Monday making way into 10 to 15 kts winds with higher gusts against the current, we decided to have a layover day. The winds are supposed to calm and we're expecting a smoother ride than what we would have had today.

The anchorage here at Rhode River couldn't be more peaceful. There's plenty of room for an armada but we're one of only three boats in the entire anchorage. With Hoolie's Island nearby, we set. My patch fix on the fuel leak is looking more like a permanent fix. Sometime down the line, I'll try installing the replacement parts. It's not the time to do such work when you're at an anchorage out of reach of local help if things were to go wrong.

Sunset Number 2, we watched in wonder
We are looking to leave early on Wednesday to reach Solomons at the anchorage by the Holiday Inn. We need a few essentials which are readily available at the nearby Food Lion. We are gradually getting down south.


SeaGar said...

That second sunset looks like a soon to be painting by Ann !