Friday, October 19, 2018

Heritage Plantation Marina - at a dock

The main clubhouse of Heritage Plantation Marina
We had wanted to get a dock in Georgetown but this was the weekend they were hosting the wooden boat show which is a very big deal for the town. As a result, everything was full. We couldn't get a dock anywhere, not even at Georgetown Landing Marina which is north of Georgetown and a long walk into town.

So we motored to Heritage Plantation and took a dock. We don't like to anchor near the Waccamaw River due to alligators. We took a tour on the river one year and found the side channels full of alligators sunning themselves on the banks. We never want to tempt them with a juicy morsel like Hoolie when taking him ashore.

The water is starting to clear up. We saw very little debris in the river, even less than usual judging from past trips. I was told it was very bad for a while but it's much better now. The current does reverse now but not very strongly, but then at least it does reverse. During the flood times, it only ran one way, out to sea.

It's nice and calm, and bug-free. In fact, we've seen very few buys on the river.
We will brave the shallows of Minum Creek and McClellanville on Saturday. We will hit Minum Creek just about at low tide but it will be rising after that. We will overnight at the Awendaw anchorage and leave the next morning for Charleston. I'll keep uploading my tracks so if I don't run aground, you'll have a path to follow through the shallows.


Unknown said...

I’ve followed your trips up and down the ICW for the past couple of years as well as your navigation and weather app reviews. You’re about to arrive in Charleston and we have a shared dock on the ICW with deep water, power, and water. You’re invited to stay a night or two if you wish. You would be on the ICW side of a floating dock. There is a shopping center with a new Harris Teeter and drug store within walking distance. We’re located just south of the Charleston harbor and 100 yards south of the Wappoo Creek bridge.

If interested, reply to my email address and I’ll provide GPS coordinates and answers your other questions.

Bob423 said...

Ronald, I appreciate the invitation! We have plans to stay at Charleston Maritime Center where Ann can walk into town to shop at her favorite stores. We’ve missed the stop for the last two years due to damage caused by hurricane Matthew. Thanks for the invitation,

Unknown said...

Enjoy your stay and I’ll enjoy your writing. Perhaps I’ll stop by the Maritime Center just to say hi. I wish you smooth sailing.

Bob423 said...

Ron, yes, please stop by!