Wednesday, October 24, 2018

B & B Seafood - at their only dock

Their one available dock
We always stop by at B & B Seafood if we can. It is not a marina although they do accept boats for docking at a flat rate of $25/night. The docking facilities are about the same as at RE Mayo, rustic to say the least. So why do we stop? The reason is the shrimp. They always seem to have fresh shrimp on hand and we do like shrimp.

The red plastic cleaner works great, makes
preparing shrimp a breeze
Ann has a good recipe that I like, Asian Sweet Chili Shrimp but it needs fresh shrimp to be good. They have one shrimp boat that goes out daily and today they had jumbo shrimp on hand for $7.50/lb. I can clean fresh shrimp in a jiffy with the plastic shrimp cleaner and Ann did the rest.

If you decide to stop, be aware that there's no electricity and probably no water. You are on your own docking most of the time. For the last 6 months, there's been a tour boat parked at the end of the dock that takes up almost two spaces so now there is room for only one boat. However, they do accept reservations. If they are full, there's ample room to answer around the bend and dink in, we've done that a couple of times. Tonight, the clerk brought in his own boiled peanuts which I crave when they are done right (not soggy!) Perfect place for us but certainly not for everyone.

I love this recipe 
We are off to Windmill Harbour Marina on Thursday where I will give a talk on, "Who Do You Trust" (for navigation) at the South Carolina Yacht Club.  The article was published today in Waterway Guide.


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I read the article already. Very instructive and well written.


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