Saturday, October 6, 2018

Hampton - at a dock, we provision

There is a free dock on the other side of the bridge north of Hampton Downtown Public Piers
The sign said the stays were limited to 72 hours. Unfortunately, the bridge is too low for us. 
Hampton is one of our prime provisioning stops. Walmart stores vary in value but the one at Hampton is one of the best. I was looking for fresh grapefruit and the ones on display didn't look the best. The product manager offered to see if they had more in back and within a minute or so, the new carton of grapefruit was taken out for display. They were much better than what was out in the bins.

The modern malls are now laid out like a small town. All this was constructed in an empty field
We hurried back to the boat and put everything away to prepare for Ann's shopping trip in the afternoon. One needs a periodic shopping fix and Hampton Peninsula Town Center is the new type of shopping mall. It's laid out like a miniature town with streets between all the store and there are lots of stores, more than any mall. It also offers residental living for those that like the lifestyle as an apartment or condo above a busy area.

The view from the parking garage. You can use the height to inspect your rigging or instruments on
the top of your mast like the VHF antenna (mine needs replacement)
Ann likes to visit the area since it has some of her favorite stores such as Chico, Talbots, and others. For me, I just spend the time in the Barns and Noble taking photos with my iPhone of books I want to order from Amazon for my Kindle.

Kim and Ted came by to visit, nice!
Kim and Ted came by to visit for our 5:00 wine hour. It's always fun to meet people along the way. They often know more about us than we know about them! We had a pleasant discussion on things of boating and our continued trip south, always a popular topic among cruisers.

We will be here one more day to allow time for me to install the new inverter/charger from Xantrex. I ought to be a swap with the Prosine 3.0 unit that expired. At least it sounds good and perhaps reality will meet expectation this time, we hope.