Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kilkenny Marina - at a dock

Trucks are very popular in Georgia!
We made it through all the shallow spots with no problems. Of course, we had a little help from a 4 ft tide! Still, everything was easy except for Hell Gate which was in the 3.4 MLW range at one spot. You really do need some tide for Hell Gate. The other trouble spots were easy (Fields Cut, Elba Cut) you just had to know the route.

We said our goodbyes this morning at Windmill Harbour Marina. What a great place to visit. Great people, great facilities and it has 360 protection. They even have an outstanding dining area in the clubhouse. I would higher recommend a dinner there if you ever drop by.

This used to be a plantation. Notice the long horizontal limbs of the Live Oaks. They
are prized for their high strength and were used in many of the wooden fighting ships.
The northeast is getting clobbered and we didn't have the best of days. The sun never came out to warm the cockpit and the wind steadily increased to the 20 kt range as the afternoon worn on. I even had to change into long pants, heavens! I came south to get warm, not to wear sweatshirts and jeans.

We're at Kilkenny Marina now which is just after Hell Gate, a convenient stop along the ICW. On Sunday we will aim for the Crescent River anchorage, then Jekyll Island, and Jacksonville on Tuesday at the free docks on Sisters Creek. Hopefull, there will be room for one more boat!