Sunday, October 28, 2018

Crescent River - at anchor

Just a chaotic shore at Kilkenny  
It was a quiet night at Kilkenny Marina. It's out in the boonies for sure and we're told it used to be a plantation. We didn't have far to go so we loitered around until 10:00 to push off. We also didn't have any shallow water today but that will change with our Monday cruise with Mud River and Jekyll. However, we will have a rising tide at both locations so we are in good shape.

Ann had time to bake an Apple pie today!!
We arrived at Crescent near low tide and taking Hoolie ashore was an adventure in mud. We've never hit it at low tide and we were used to the sandy beach nearby - but it's mud at low tide. So I washed the mud off the dinghy, the mud off Hoolie, the mud off everything he touched, etc. His favorite thing is to jump on our bed and "dry off", but not tonight!

A quiet night
The winds have calmed down and the temperatures are rising. It suits us fine and we're still on schedule for Titusville 11/2. We'll shove off around 9:00 on Monday to allow time for the tide to build in at Mud River and Jekyll. We could probably get through at low with our 4' 9" keel but who needs the stress?