Saturday, October 20, 2018

Awendaw - at anchor

First one in the anchorage gets the best spot
We waited until about 9:30 so we could catch a rising tide through Minim Creek and McClellanville. Both are very shallow areas of the ICW. We caught Minim Creek with only a 0.8 tide but did better at McClellanville with a 2.2 ft tide.

We made it through both obstacles successfully and I uploaded the track to my track website so anyone could follow my path through the shallows. I had to do a lot of moving from side to side to find the best water so for those using my track, it's not that I wasn't paying attention - it was all intentional to keep the maximum amount of water under the keel. Through these areas, it's very easy to find less water.
The calm after the storm
So we made it through successfully and are now anchored in Awendaw with four other boats. One powerboat anchored by the entrance and when I took Hoolie ashore, the boat was in the weeds. Either the rode was too long and there was a wind or current shift or the anchor gave way. There were two workboats out trying to help but I didn't see anyone aboard the stranded boat. We had a terrific storm that came through just about the time I took Hoolie ashore but I made it back in time before the rain, just barely. The wind topped out at 32 kts during the rainfall.

All is peaceful for the moment and hopefully for the rest of the night. We had planned on a later start to catch a rising tide but that would put us into the Charleston Maritime Center a little after 4:00 so we are going to try an early morning start instead and be at the Isle Of Palms by 10:00 to catch a 2 ft tide although it's a falling tide, not ideal. We like the location within walking distance to downtown Charleston and a Harris Teeter. We'll explore Charleston for the next three days before moving farther south.


s/v Aimless said...

Hi Bob, where is your “track website “ ? John

Lori and Bob Kirshner said...

Thanks for the great picture of our boat.....Eye of the Storm. I came across your blog while looking for your Facebook page. I'll try and post on your Facebook page but if unsuccessful, please be aware that Watt's Cut dredging is not complete. We came through yesterday, 10/22, about 1 1/2 hours after low tide. The dredge was positioned between G111 and 113. No AIS presence. We learned the dredge's name is Tenacious. At that time we saw spots of 1 Ft under our 5 ft keel.

Lori and Bob Kirshner

Bob423 said...

John, the track website is

Lori and Bob, thanks for the info. We'll go through there Wednesday. It doesn’t sound like it dredged much material yet. Be sure to join the Facebook group at