Monday, October 29, 2018

Jekyll Island - at anchor

No alligators under this tree!
We went through all the trouble spots with high tide today, the only way to go! That included Little Mud River and Jekyll but there were other, less known shallow spots too. I'll cover all of them in my Facebook page later on.

Today we enjoyed just perfect weather with sunshine and warm breezes. We're sitting in the Jekyll anchorage with very little wind, it's like being on land. It's an easy dink over to the floating dinghy dock on shore which is public. There are only two other boats in the anchorage and there's room for a couple more. This place used to be deserted since the NOAA charts show no water here when there was actually 8 to 12 ft at low tide. I made the first few entries on Active Captain and now it always has a few boats.

We like nice sunsets!
I took Hoolie ashore and was told to watch out for alligators since there's a freshwater pond on the other side of the docks. I didn't see any but I did feel a lot of no see'ums. We have screens on Fleetwing that will stop no see'ums. We bought them to screen out pollen for Ann's allergies but also stop the smallest of insects.

We are headed for the Jacksonville free docks on Tuesday. There's no electricity but then it's free.