Thursday, October 25, 2018

Windmill Harbour Marina - at a dock

The room was full but nobody wanted to sit in the front row seats!
We had another excellent day of traveling and arrived at Windmill Harbor Marina around 1:45 pm. Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff has been dredged and the least we saw was 7.2  MLW by the southern exit at G185. The only area near that number was on the approach to Brickyard Creek just before R4. If you went outside the channel by R210, then you saw 9.9 MLW. Staying in the channel resulted in skinny water down to 3 to 4 MLW. All the avoidance of shallow water is in the track file I uploaded this afternoon.

The presentation included a dinner after the meeting, very nice
We had a strong north wind but it was all behind us, no problem. We had missed the Ben Sawyer bridge in the Isle of Palms by 5 minutes but we made the swing bridge at Beaufort, SC with no time to spare at all, saving us 1/2 hour of wait time. The bridge opens every 1/2 hour during migration time.

I was invited to speak at the South Carolina YC club at 6:00 pm this evening with a dinner afterward. Even with only a two-day notice, the presentation room was full, about 30 to 35 people attended. The presentation, "Who Do You Trust" (for navigation) was given and it was well received. It was also published on the Waterway Guide website the same day. I had about a dozen people come up after the presentation and thank me for the information and what I do for the spread of ICW guidance on being safe.

There is a storm coming up the coast and it will hit us on Friday with lots of rain and some wind. We will be secure in Windmill Harbour Marine, it's totally protected from all directions. Saturday should be a better day and we'll head south towards Savannah then. If all continues to go according to plan, we will arrive at Titusville on November 1st, the start of our reservation date.


Ted A said...

We’re so happy we were able to pull this event together Thank you for the presentation, but moreover all you and Ann do for the Cruising community.

Jack Wuensch said...

Great Evening! Extremely informative!
Thank you Bob and Ann!