Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Alligator River Marina - at a dock

All by ourselves there in Alligator River Marina
Michael is on the way. It will hit our area on Thursday with high winds and 5 or more inches of rain. With that prediction, we started looking for a place to weather the storm. The winds will be out of the south and then the north as what's left of Michael passes by. So we selected this marina since it is protected from those directions.

Along the way, I'm taking photos of the bridges
noted for not meeting the 65 ft
height requirement.
This one is of the Coinjock Bridge, it's okay
The ride over was a little more bouncy than predicted but tolerable. We put the sail out and it helped steady the boat. The trip from Coinjock was uneventful. We never saw anything less than 10 ft and my track can be downloaded at Bob423 Tracks. I plan on continuing to add to the list as I move south.

There are only three boats here tonight. I had expected more. The boat aft of us will also be staying through the storm so we'll have company. Wednesday sounds like a good time to put more waterproofing on the bimini. I use the only brand approved by Sunbrella since it's the exact same formulation used for the original waterproofing by Sunbrella.

We will be watching the weather reports in the morning but we will probably be staying for four days. Our move south has really been interrupted by hurricanes in the last two years.


Fred Brillo said...

Yep, Fleetwing is headed south so it must be hurricane season! Stay safe!


Bob423 said...

Dennis, we think the same thing! What is it with us!

David Baird (SY Coral) said...

Thanks for the picture of the height sign board! Does it seem like there is more water in the system than normal? I am going to be very close to 65' mast height so I will be sweating it! Is there any tide to get the height to 65? David SY Coral (departing Havre de Grace on Oct 26th).