Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Alligator River Marina - waiting for Michael

You know you're in the south when you see a line up like this and the cars are all white! (cooler)
They are still working on the Alligator River Bridge so there's one lane traffic for the cars. 
It was another hot day with a high of 89 here. We are still in Alligator River Marina waiting for the remnants of hurricane Michael to arrive. We are secure, tied to a facedock with winds out of the south that will push us off the dock. Two more boats came in today to weather the coming storm. South Carolina closed most of its swing bridges today in expectation of high winds. They don't open in high winds anyway and the winds from Michael are expected to be in that range.

A tranquil eventing, for now
So here we sit. It's been a slow trip south so far. We lost five days at Atlantic City and now four days here. On top of that, we started late anyway due to Florence. We'll see what happens with the 5 to 6 additional inches of rain expected and the water levels at our "favorite" bridge in Socastee. Maybe they will have to close again due to high water.

I finished installing the charger/inverter. The major task today was running wires from the remote control panel to the main unit in the cockpit starboard locker. It only took five hours. I would go broke as a repairman. No one would pay me $500 to run one wire. If you ask how it could possibly take that long to run one wire, well you're invited to join me the next time I pull wires on Fleetwing.

Here it comes, headed right for us!
The winds and rain are due to start tonight around 1:00 am. No doubt, we'll hear it when it starts, at least Ann will.