Monday, October 8, 2018

Coinjock Marina - at a dock after a rib steak dinner

The 165 ft Jordan Bridge seem too thin and slender to stand so tall
It was a beautiful day for a ride past Norfolk. As usual, ships were lined up for repairs or refurbishment. I wondered at the time what the average age is of all the naval warships. I would bet that many date from WWII.

So many ships being refitted, every year I see the same number it seems
We made it through the gauntlet of bridges and locks without much of a wait until we reached the last bridge which we missed by 5 minutes. Oh well, you have to expect such things. We still reached Coinjock by 4 pm. Along the way, I followed my guide and didn't see anything under 10 feet with most depths in the 11 to 13 ft range. SonarChart from Navionics was also helpful in finding the deepest path.

As word spread of our plans for a steak dinner, more and more cruisers joined us
We all had a great time, nobody left hungry
Cruisers we met before also stopped in Coinjock and we all decided to enjoy the rib steak that the Coinjock restaurant is famous for. We were not disappointed and most of us had lunch in hand when we returned to our boats. The servings were very large.

Ann had enough left for her
famous steak sandwich lunch
All of us are paying close attention to the hurricane about to hit the Florida panhandle. It will come ashore and then be over land as it nears North Carolina. It should lose a lot of strength from being over land and turn into mostly a rain event. That's bad enough since the area has received so much rain already from hurricane Florence. The forecast is from a fast-moving storm so it shouldn't linger like Florence.  With that, we'll move on to Alligator River Marina and then decide if we have enough fair weather to reach RE Mayo or should be just still out the rain event at Alligator River. We will decide that on Tuesday night when we should have a better idea of what the new hurricane will do.


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