Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Solomons - at anchor by Holiday Inn dinghy dock

You tend to pay attention to guys like this one bearing down on you!
It was a nice, calm ride today - just what we had waited for. We are due to have settled weather for the next four days or so and in that time, we plan on scooting south to Hampton. We hope to be there by Friday afternoon. I have a replacement inverter/charger waiting for me. My old ProSine 3.0 bit the dust after 15 years of faithful service. Now it's time for a younger generation, a Xantrex Freedom XC 2000. It also puts out a pure sinewave but only at 2000 watts and not the 3000 watts of the Prosine 3.0. It's enough for me.

A nice view with a glass of wine in one hand
The anchorage here by the Holiday Inn still has the $2/day dinghy dock which is the cheapest in the area. It's easy access for Hoolie and me and a short distance from the anchorage. If needed, there are several 7/11 type stores and a supermarket about a mile walk away. There's also a Westmarine for boating supplies. A decent restaurant is nearby serving BBQ.

We have a 56 mile trip on Thursday to reach the Fishing Bay Yacht Club where we'll take a courtesy dock for a night. Then it's on to Hampton on Friday and provisioning.