Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Charleston Maritime Center - Downtown Day

There are several large areas downtown for local goods. It's always interesting to walk through and look.
Today was Downtown Day. Chico's has a super store in Charleston and it was the one destination Ann aimed at. I went off to see if Apple would sell me a new iPad Pro that's not due to be announced until 11/30 but no dice on that. They didn't want my money. My iPad Air 2 seems a little slow with all the stuff I have loaded. I need the latest and greatest.

I spent the day preparing a presentation for the South Carolina YC, "Who Do You Trust?" (for navigation). I will give that Thursday night. It ought to be fun. The club is located in Windmill Harbour which has its own lock so the water level inside is constant. It's completely protected from wind and waves. There's a great group of people there and I look forward to meeting everyone.
Ann loves to talk to local artists. She spent about 1/2 hour here

We are headed for B & B Seafood Wednesday night and hope to get there early enough to get fresh shrimp. It's at the north end of Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff and positions us well for the final run to Windmill Harbour. 

The bridge is all lit up
We've heard varying reports on the effectiveness of the dredge in the area and we hope that it's done the job it was hired to do. I'll find out for myself on Wednesday and report it here and on my Facebook page along with uploading a track.