Thursday, April 19, 2018

Titusville - at a dock

Gordon and Eta Johnson came over for a visit,
they spent the winter in the Bahamas
We left at 6:40 from Quail Valley and headed north. The one sticky wicket was the NASA bridge which does not open between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. We had to average 7 kts to make the bridge before 3:30. As we started out, we initially moved at 7.4 kts so we got a head start even though we eventually ran into an adverse tide later one. We reached the bridge in plenty of time at 3:00 but as we approached Titusville, we heard other sailboats calling for an opening and were told the next one was at 5:00 pm! In that case, you just anchor out south of the bridge and wait, we've done that before too.

We have our usual slip, nice and secure
When we first started going south, the Titusville City Marina was run by the city and it was always at least 1/2 empty. There was never a problem getting a slip. For the last two years, they hired a management team that runs several marinas and there's been a turnaround. Now the marina is almost always full and you have to call ahead to reserve a slip which we did.

Somewhat of a sunset, we'll take it
The weather ahead does not look good. There are thunderstorms predicted all weekend but we hope to leave Tuesday for Daytona, maybe Monday if the weather changes. We are so far behind last year's pace that we're not even looking at the calendar anymore. We'll get home sometime.


Steve Bruckner said...

Enjoy the journey since at our ages all we have left is time to enjoy the life we have everyday. SLow and steady makes the course.

Bob423 said...

Steve agreed - but we're still young!

Bob said...

Bob, are you guys still planning on stopping at Barfoot and visiting Greg Norman's this year on the way up? Great writing as always. Give Hoolie a hug.

Bob423 said...

Bob, Barefoot is on our flight plan but it depends upon the weather. We are less fond of Greg Norman's Grill after our last experience where Ann had a substandard steak. There was no response from the restaurant on our complaint - so there are lots of other restaurants. You going to be around?

SV Puffin said...

I think you are right across the dock from our boat, "no name" at the moment in A9 (we are changing it out and I removed old name last week). We'll be there on Sunday and I hope we can say hello to you and Ann. We have been following you for 2 years now. Enjoy the weather, its hot today.

Bob423 said...

Puffin, we will be here until Tuesday morning. Please drop by and say hello. We will be in A40 until Sunday afternoon when we'll move over to D dock.

Chesterdoodle said...

As you come north, you'll pass a new bridge this year - well, it's 80 years old but has a new name.

A Bridge Named Poo

And yes you will now hail the Capt Poo swing Bridge!