Friday, April 6, 2018

Marine Stadium in Miami - Shell Races

View from the running trail
Yesterday we were asked to move northward since there were going to be crew boat races the next day. We picked up anchor and moved several hundred feet which was no problem given the size of the anchorage.There was another boat with nobody on board, a common occurrence around here, and several of the crew boats got together and towed him out of the way of the racing lanes. He stayed there all night but in the morning he started to slip anchor and drifting back. He was headed closer to us than we liked so we lifted anchor ourselves and found a spot farther away. The drifting boat is still drifting but now away from us!

Lots of practicing around us for the big race
We took Hoolie to shore this morning and we had our morning walk on the running path around the anchorage. The northwest end of the path gives a magnificate view of Miami. It's hard to imagine that at one time Key West was the biggest city in Florida and Miami was just a swamp. Now it's a regular metropolis.

Ann continues to paint during the day while I'm down below working on articles for Waterway Guide. I am currently doing one on weather apps for the iPad - which one makes the most accurate predictions. I see it as a boxing match. I record the predictions for a given day and then see which prediction matches reality and rank from best to worst. I usually chose days when there's a discrepancy between the predictions from the apps to give them a chance to show their stuff. Meanwhile, Ann is trying out Gouache type paints. I took a photo of today's work.

And, of course, we had a sunset!
Despite having no facilities around, there is a place to get ice on the other side of the restaurant at the entrance. We needed it so I took a spin over. We will be here one more day and leave for Ft Lauderdale on Sunday, hoping to get a mooring at Las Olas. We had intended leaving Friday but the weather was so pleasant here that we decided to stay. Why be in a hurry?


Fred Brillo said...


The decision to leave on Sunday is good... there is a music festival on the beach in Ft.Lauderdale this weekend. The beach area is going to be absolutely jammed all weekend.

Bob423 said...

Fred, thanks for the heads up. We'll be there in the afternoon. Hopefully there will be a free mooring.