Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bethune Park - at anchor

Sunrise, not sunset! As we left Titusville. 
We left as the sun was rising and it was perfectly still, just what we wanted for a ride north. All the apps predicted the wind correctly so there was no competition today on who's the best. Just as a little background, there are two main weather models, the GFS from the National Weather Bureau of the US and the ECWMF from Europe. The European model has been the best performing most recently in head to head competition. It has a higher resolution than the GFS model so it should be able to predict smaller weather cells with more accuracy. In addition to those models, PredictWind which was born out of America Cup racing (they really need to know the wind!) has two more models PWE which is a tweak on the European model and PWG which is a tweak on the GFS model.

The docks have been like this since Hurricane Matthew.
In my tests, I'm using PocketGrib (GFS), Ventusky (GFS), NOAA (?, but probably GFS), Windy (ECWMF) and PredictWind (PWE). As I go north, I'll look for differences in predictions and when they come up, then we'll see who's right.

They still get used!
Ponce de Leon by 18 and 18A was shallow as expected at 7.5 MLW but now you can't hug the reds, you have to be about 50 ft off due to a shoal working its way out from shore. Once past the reds going north, I ran across a 5.6 MLW spot. The reds 2 and 2A needed to be close by at 40 ft or so to get 7.9 MLW but with a 6.8 spot beyond, going north. I updated Active Captain and Waterway Explorer with the latest information.

Fleetwing is at the upper right, Hoolie jumped out immediately as we touched shore,
the dog has no patience at all!
Today everyone predicted light winds and they were all right. We anchored by Bethune Park and I took Hoolie to the sandy beach by the old docks which are still not repaired yet from Matthew. The anchorage here is huge, no crowding. We anticipate a quiet night and an early start so Ann can go through the art galleries in St Augustine. Then it's on to Fernandina and a hair cut for Ann.