Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ft Lauderdale - at Las Olas mooring

Main Street was packed!
We had last refueled in Marathon on the way south so we were running a little thin on fuel. I have a 50 gallon tank and I figured I had 10 gallons left for the trip to Ft Lauderdale. It would be rather troubling to run out of fuel when entering the cut into Ft Lauderdale but we started out anyway.

Be sure to try out the Nanou French Bakery, it's real
We managed to avoid the boat with the dragging anchor in Marine Stadium. He eventually hooked another boat's anchor and the two of them stayed in place for the night. Nobody was on either one. We always turn the VHF on right away in case the Coast Guard closes Government Cut for the passage of cruise ships. So far we haven't been caught but we've had a few close calls. If the Coast Guard does close the cut, you are left to do donuts until they reopen the entrance. Until today, the cut into Miami was the only entrance we had ever heard being closed to pleasure craft. Ann heard the cut into Ft Lauderdale was closed shortly after we got through. They had seven cruise ships in port and several were due to leave but we made it before they shut it down.

The language inside is French but they do speak English - just delicious pastries and bread/
All the weather apps predicted a quiet ride with winds of less than 10 kts and they all got it right this time. We hurried on up and refueled, took on water, and ice. We poured in 44 gallons into Fleetwing, a record for us. That was probably cutting it too close. You can't expect to get the last drop out of a 50 gallon tank but we made it.

The parking lot that was always full (behind the old marina office) is now being replaced
by a multistory parking garage. They needed the space! I think it's still a year away from operation though. 
We were pleased to get a mooring on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, there were three still available when we chose the one closest to shore. They have a total of nine moorings for transients. They are not cheap at $40/night but they are very convenient. We met one of our blog readers, Fred Brillo, who dropped by for a chat which is always welcomed.

On Monday we'll head up the "canyon" to West Palm Beach to the anchorage between the bridges. It's something like 15 bridges we need have raised for our mast. Monday is a much better day than Sunday for that trip.


Fred Brillo said...

It was really great getting to meet you today. Have a wonderful trip home. Again, if I can ever be of assistance as you pass through Ft. Lauderdale, don't hesitate to let me know.

Reading your blog always reminds me that life is about the journey not the destination! Bon voyage...see you next year!