Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hobe Sound - at anchor

Hoolie has four beaches to choose from
We left Suntex at 8:30 in order to make the 10:00 opening at Southern Blvd Bridge. When we arrived south of the bridge, we saw 14 boats waiting for the same opening. I guess that's better than the 25 waiting for the 7:30 am opening. Of course, the opening was late. The processes started at 10:05 and that consisted of first raising the new bridge before the old bridge could open. That took another 10 minutes and we were getting antsy since we would have to do 8 kts to reach the next bridge in time given the distance and time. Well, we can't do 8 kts and the other sailboats couldn't either but we powered ahead as best we could. It turned out that they held the bridge for us and we all made it through.

The rest of the bridges were the usual timings, no problem. It's a big relief to be moving again! We got tired of sitting and throwing $100 bills into the water. So about $1150 lighter, we are finally moving north.

Nice and calm!
The anchorage here is not generally used a lot. It's convenient for Hoolie relief and usually quiet and calm. Ann continues to recover and she's much better. We will stop at Vero next and visit Quail Valley River Club. We were invited to stay one night so we're headed there Wednesday. The next day, it's on to Titusville.