Friday, April 27, 2018

Jekyll Creek Anchorage - at anchor

Magna's did great again
I took Ann to Magna's for her hair styling and cut before we left Fernandina. Magna's, the hair salon, is Ann's favorite place on the entire ICW to get her hair done. They have excellent stylists and we always stop there on the way down and up. 

Be sure not to cut that corner at Cumberland River at R60!
From Fernandina, there was more traveling at a minus 0.3 drain tide but we had plenty of water There were cautions to watch out for but not everyone found deep water as you can see from the photo. We enjoyed yet another day of calm winds and sunny skies. We really have to make good time when the weather is good. 

This guy was not paying attention?
Savannah marinas are full! Evidently, we are now in the thick of the northward migration. Normally we would be passing through this area two weeks ago and still be ahead of the crowd. We are headed for the Crescent River anchorage on Saturday. We should hit Little Mud River with a 2 ft or greater tide which ought to be enough. Then, it's Kilkenny Creek and staging for Hell Gate at high tide. It's so much more fun going inside instead of skipping all the entertainment by going outside along the coast!
At last, a decent sunset